Thursday, 14 February 2013

Printing and Gilding and

For most of 2012 I did a printing course at the lovely Double Elephant in Exeter one day a week and have been experimenting with screen printing, drypoint, lino and collograph .  It is very liberating and I am continuing with it into 2013 with a short break at the moment to catch up with myself in regards to content and graphics to be printed.

Here are a couple of the prints drypoint, lino and screen print.

I am excited about exploring and getting obsessive about detail in the drypoints and bold colour and graphics of the lino and screenprinting.

My practise is changing at the moment as I am opening my gilding workshop again to take in studio based work from antique dealers and designers in order to balance the books.  It may well lead to some interesting combinations as I have always loved paintings on gilded panels i hope to try printing on them now.  A new 21st century take on the icon tradition.

I bought a new domain name and have updated the site and added a new gilding page also. 

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