Monday, 20 October 2014


My reinstalled show from California opens on Friday night (24th October) ... I am excited to be showing it in Bridport and to get a second chance to stand still and reflect on the work and so get a good sense of where to take it from here.   

It always a  bit nerve wrecking to hang yourself on the walls and invite people to come and look  but I said to a friend yesterday that it was just a conversation and it feels good to look at it like this.   It isn't a static thing; its all in process .  

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Just arrived in California to starting framing up and hanging my new show in Point Reyes Station ... my favourite place on earth!
Suffering from jeg lag but delighted to be here and living in our friends house in a woods .  perfect for drawing and feeling my way to some new work.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Looking forward ....

I am very much looking forward to seeing all my new work framed up tomorrow at the London  Art Fair .... and seeing what else is on show at the Fair and in  London town . 

I have the great gift of a few days in town to get some head space and ideas as I head into creating a body of work including drawings, photo-paintings and prints for my CA show in the summer.  

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Work @ LONDON ART FAIR 2014

Starting the new year with my new work at the 
London Art Fair 2014 Jan 15th-19th 2014
GBS fine art ( formerly the Blue Gallery) is showing a selection of my new hand painted photographs continuing a theme I have been working on for a couple of years.  


Friday, 15 November 2013

New Work

It has been a long time since I have been here!  I have been busy with opening our gallery Fox & Worthington June 2013 and doing new work.  I am expanding on the theme of the girl in the wood.

I got going by drawing onto some prints that were not working.  This got me back into painting and
drawing after setting up the gallery and its opening and summer of sun .. that seeped into me and recharged so many batteries for winter mega production!

Looking at static and moving poses and also developing 'my world' of the wood ..... with colours, mythology, animals, trees studies and studying 'my girl' : her hair/shoes/clothes et al.

Here are a selection and the sketches are the most and water woods girl.

I am showing at Fox & Worthington December show opening 30th November.

recent screen print 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Printing and Gilding and

For most of 2012 I did a printing course at the lovely Double Elephant in Exeter one day a week and have been experimenting with screen printing, drypoint, lino and collograph .  It is very liberating and I am continuing with it into 2013 with a short break at the moment to catch up with myself in regards to content and graphics to be printed.

Here are a couple of the prints drypoint, lino and screen print.

I am excited about exploring and getting obsessive about detail in the drypoints and bold colour and graphics of the lino and screenprinting.

My practise is changing at the moment as I am opening my gilding workshop again to take in studio based work from antique dealers and designers in order to balance the books.  It may well lead to some interesting combinations as I have always loved paintings on gilded panels i hope to try printing on them now.  A new 21st century take on the icon tradition.

I bought a new domain name and have updated the site and added a new gilding page also. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spring shows

The Zetter Hotel London EC1M 5RJ 

David and I are showing some new work at the Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell till the end of May.  My work is a series of drawings (21 small and 2 large) on salvaged wood, rescued from our home during its renovation in 2009. 

The wood seemed laden with its own history by the layers of wallpaper and paint from our predecessors, that I was prompted to make a series reflecting childhood fantasy journeys into wallpaper, memory and a childs relationship to self. 

Natasha Laflins Auction friday May 11th 

@ Great Western Studios there is an art auction to raise money to get 
a friend of ours home from 4 years in hospital after brain heamorrage.  

Hosted by Ann Robinson it will be a wonderful evening and hopefully raise all the money needed to bring Natasha home.

11TH MAY 2012

- Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W2 5EQ
- Drinks, viewing and food from 6.30pm
- Auction 8pm - 9.30pm
- Raffle draw 9.30pm (approx.)


- The Exhibition will be open for viewing from May 4th up until the Auction 9am-6pm daily
Great Western Studios are open 9.00am until 6pm
- For weekend and evening viewing please contact Sid directly on 07939 584 668

See for more details and pictures of the art up for grabs.

I have the above painting in the auction .....           Woods ii   2011

Bridport Arts Centre   June 12th - July 7th 2012

 For a month I will have the 'Girl in the Woods' series on show at the 
BAC .  

Continuing this theme that seems to have endless potential. I have some new variations added to the work seen at Town Mill, Lyme Regis last June.

I am also doing a printing course so hoping to have some new prints to show using the same subject matter but playing with colour and graphics more boldly.